Fire Damage

When a home or business suffers damage caused by a fire, reporting and handling an insurance claim can be a low priority compared to safety of loved ones, salvaging of personal property and locating a new place to live or conduct business.

Finding A Law Firm With Significant Experience In Handling Fire Insurance Claims Early Can Be One Of The Most Important Decisions For An Insured.

After a fire loss, a fire loss, an insurance company will immediately begin its own investigation and will request paperwork, information, recorded statements and statements under oath from insureds and people with knowledge of the loss. Communicating with an insurance company and providing responses to these requests can be stressful, time consuming and difficult.

Having a law firm that is knowledgeable about what is required and permitted under a policy of insurance can help to reduce the amount of stress for the insured, and help to resolve the claim smoothly and quickly.

The cost to repair fire damage can be extremely high, and insurance companies often strive to pay the least amount required under a policy of insurance. An experienced law firm can help an insured obtain all the benefits they are entitled to under their policy.

Retaining contractors to prepare accurate estimates for repair, determining the true value of damaged personal property and properly calculating living expenses or lost business income are all things that an experienced law firm can provide following a fire loss.

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